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Toys and Play

Play is universal. Children of every culture engage in play; anthropologists have found evidence of toys dating as far back as there is a record of human life. Though play differs from culture to culture, generation to generation, it is clearly an instinctual, essential part of growing up.

TIE is proud of the contributions made by toys and play to society. TIE and its members support diverse activities that raise awareness of the positive role that toys play in society.

On 28 May 2013, TIE organised an event on ‘Taking play seriously: Investing in Europe’s Future’ in the European Parliament. Further information about this event and TIE’s work to promote the value of play for children’s development and learning is available on www.importanceofplay.eu.

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Infographic on the importance of play

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Children’s play under threat: University of Cambridge report highlights urbanisation, stresses of family life and educational systems as key factors.

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